Margaret Plaza
6, 7, 8
EXPLORE - I was an inquisitive child who was very pensive, loved to read (one of my favorite pastimes was my Mom reading to me at night before bedtime), listening to different genres of music, and watching classic movies. To this day I love the library, doing research, gathering data, traveling, and doing anything that allows me to expand my knowledge, understanding of the world, and people. CREATE - My family was very important to my exposure of the arts during my formative years. I’d watch papa play the piano for hours prior to opening his printing business downstairs from his home in Spanish Harlem, watch my aunt Cookie play the castanets, and observe my grandpa paint still life in the South Bronx as a self taught artist. I played the viola and clarinet for many years prior to declaring dance and dance education as my life’s work. ACHIEVE - I couldn’t have asked for a better life with family and friends that I love. I’m deeply passionate about being a dance artist, choreographer, and dance teacher leader. I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to share my love of dance with my students, and beyond. My accomplishments are extensive, but at the end of the day teaching, children, the arts, and working towards changing injustice in the world are dear to my heart. I look forward to where my journey in life leads me, and how I can be of service in the world.