Chris Phillips
6, 7, 8
Visual Arts
EXPLORE - As an Artist one is constantly exploring new artists, art forms and trends in contemporary Art as well as creating Art using new and different media, for use in the classroom with my students and in my own work. I am a technical based Artist and studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, which comes through in the work I do with my students. CREATE - Artists, especially Visual Artists, are in a constant state of creativity. As a teacher i am constantly looking for new and interesting techniques and artistic approaches to share with my students. As an Artist I am always trying to move my vision forward to keep my work fresh and interesting. I also worked in the construction industry and love to work with my hands designing and building things. ACHIEVE - I have been a Visual Arts instructor with the DOE for the past 25 years and have shared my many achievements with both my students and my family. My wife has been an elementary school teacher for 18 years and I have a 15 year old daughter who attends a prestigious NYC DOE High School. Most of my family were or are educators so I have kept the family tradition alive and well. I also feel I have had a positive influence on many of the student’s lives I have had the opportunity to work with during the course of my career.