Jennifer Fasano
7th Grade
English Language Arts
EXPLORE - When I was in middle school, I was a very avid reader. I liked to read many different genres of books. I was also interested in researching topics that I was interested in or did not know much about. Reading helped me explore new ideas and explore the world around me. CREATE - When I was younger, I loved to write. I would write anything: short stories, poems, freewrites, etc. Writing helped me express myself in ways I did not know how to otherwise. It was always fun and interesting to create characters and stories of my own. ACHIEVE - Throughout my school years, I had to work hard to achieve my goals. Some subjects came easy to me, while other subjects I had to sit down every night and study in order to maintain my average. One of my proudest moments was when I was in 6th grade. It was the first time I had a proper science class. I was completely lost and had no idea what my teacher was talking about. When I asked for help, my teacher told me that I was on my own. Lucky for me, my dad loved science, and he sat with me every night to help me understand what I was learning. I managed to raise my grade from a 65 in the beginning of the year to a 95 at the end of that year.