Lucy Harrington
6th and 7th Grade
English Language Arts
EXPLORE - While I was raised in Wisconsin, I have lived in many places because I love to explore different cultures. When I was a child my father took all his vacation in one block. Every summer we would cram into a station wagon and explore part of the US. By the time I graduated from high school, we had seen 48 states. I continued this interest as an adult. I have lived in Brazil and England, and visited many countries besides. Seeing so many different cultures has showed me that there is no single ‘right’ way to do things. CREATE - I have always enjoyed making things - drawing, sewing, cooking, writing etc. - and I find the process of developing curriculum to be very creative. Planning a good class for a variety of learners is like putting together a multimedia scrapbook. You need to layer a variety of activities to engage students with different interests, energy levels, interaction styles, and skills. You can tell when you get it right because students become self-motivated. ACHIEVE - I don’t remember much from middle school, except the time I split my pants in Science class! I do know that I was asked to read the class book aloud to the other students in 7th grade - it took about a month. Being a good reader makes you a better speaker and writer. I used these skills in my first career in non-profit fundraising, to communicate with donors. Reading, writing, and speaking were so important in that profession that I decided to switch careers to help kids develop these same skills. A successful career (and life!) depends on one’s ability to express oneself.