Jason Adoniz
7th Grade
EXPLORE: I have explored various fitness outlets over the past 11 years. In 2007, I suffered an injury to my lower back which I went to physical therapy for. The injury turned me more into a fitness conscious person. I started going to the gym more and explore team sports like volleyball. For the past 3 years, I have been practicing yoga on and off to help with my injury. My favorite style is Iyengar because of the precision to alignment within the practice. In middle school I explored music. I was in band from 5th-8th grade where I played percussion. In the 8th grade our music teacher Mr. Kastaris put together a latin/jazz section which I was a part of. I also enjoyed pizza and nintendo. My life change into being physically active has helped my overall fitness level. I just need to stay away from too much pizza. CREATE: I don’t really consider myself the creative type. I guess I’m more of a doer. I loved to solve puzzles and strategy games. I especially loved card games. I guess that’s how I became good at mathematics and analyzing different ways of thinking. I can thank my grandmother for needing a crazy eights partner when I was little. ACHIEVE: I was a part of our school’s honor society and in the latin/jazz band. I also took first year high school math as an 8th grader. We called it sequential one. I got a 100 on that exam. I received my B.A. in pure mathematics from Queens college in 2006 and my M.A. in math education from Hunter College in 2012. A big lesson that I learned over the years was how to manage my time to be able to fit everything into my life. Hard work does pay off in the long run, even if you may not see big results right away.