Xi Li Li
6th and 8th Grade
EXPLORE -- I enjoy reading to explore the world that is broader than my regular daily life from middle school. Reading more and more helps me move to start writing (in Chinese), to explore more deeply human relationships and the problems we need to face and solve. CREATE -- I love to cook (when I am not very tired after work). Food is one kind of creation which I use simple materials to make delicious meals that my children enjoy eating and making them healthy and grow strong. Planning and teaching lessons are similar to creating food, which can help my students grow their knowledge. ACHIEVE -- While working as a math teacher, I continue my writing in Chinese, getting a few awards in short fictions and poetries. Last year, 6 students from my Chinese class entered the Flushing Poetry Festival competition, one student and I won the 3rd place prizes. I hope I will help more students to achieve a high level in Chinese writing this year.