Ariana Murphy
6th and 7th Grade
Social Studies
EXPLORE - When I was in middle school I would get lost in books and explore the worlds they presented. My favorites were historical fiction. Through reading and long historical conversations with my Dad, my interest in this world grew. As a teacher I’ve tried to purposefully explore during my summer with themed goals. I’ve had writing summers, hiking, building/construction, gardening, and traveling - this helps me fill out my worldview and teaching. CREATE - I love creating, crafting, building, performing. In middle school I was always in my parents face singing. In my adulthood my singing has gotten a bit quieter while I pour over homemade gifts, draw and design in my notebook, or go all out on my halloween costumes. ACHIEVE - I think my determination to be a better writing was my biggest achievement in school. It was so difficult for me to organize my thoughts in an essay, which is an essential skill as a History major in college! I kept at it and I found writing practices that made sense to me. More recently, I am proud of the wide variety of jobs I’ve had before becoming a teacher -working in museums, stores, broadway theaters, and on top of a big red bus as a licensed NYC tour guide.