Han Tian
6, 7, 8
Guidance Counselor
EXPLORE - During my Middle School years, I was excited about History and the impact each event had on subsequent eras. Learning about these events shaped my personality and I became passionate about learning everyone's experience. Exploring new cultures and people from different backgrounds is imperative when residing in Queens, NY. Middle school expanded my interactions with people from different cultures and all walks of life. Now I have visited many countries; Philippines, Colombia, Canada, Iceland, China. I plan to continue to broaden my view of the world. CREATE - I was not very well off when I was younger, so I had to rely on my relatives’ hand me downs. Since that was unreliable, I had to be creative and designed my own board game. Instead of hot wheels, I created my own track using window blinds and marbles. In school I worked with Legos and created many things from buildings to cars. I also created friendships with others by playing with these objects and I will continue to develop new ones. ACHIEVE - In high school I was an average student. I was shocked to learn that I achieve a 90 on my Spanish regents’ exam, but everything else was lackluster. In college I continued the trend of average scores, but after exploring multiple majors and careers I finally found my passion. Once I had sight of my career goal, School Counselor, I performed much better in my last 2 years of undergrad and I increased my Grade Point Average. My biggest achievement is being a positive influence on all the students I have worked with, from Middle school to College. I recently left Hunter College and the overwhelming amount of emails from my students regarding the impact I had on them, fuels my passion. I will continue to influence generations of students.