Maria Lorenzo
6th and 7th Grade
Social Studies
EXPLORE - When I was in middle school, I loved to explore history and different cultures. My ancestors came from Italy to the Lower East Side in the early 1900s, and I would ask my grandparents to tell me everything they knew about the immigrant experience back then. This interest continued all the way into college. I studied political science, and had the opportunity to explore Italy on a study abroad trip. I love exploring new places on my own and with friends, having the chance to meet new people who live different lives, eat different food, and speak different languages. I love exploring New York City as well, trying out new fitness classes, restaurants, and museums! CREATE - I loved painting and drawing when I was in middle school. Art class especially gave me the opportunity to express myself in a way that was very different than most of my other classes, and I had the chance to zone in on a project that showed beauty in a way that I was very proud of. As I got older, I haven’t painted as much. Now I create in ways like taking photographs, preparing my lessons for my class, and making fun meals for myself and my family to enjoy! ACHIEVE - In middle school, my proudest achievements were being the president of the National Junior Honor Society and the Scholar Athlete in the 8th grade. Being the president of the honor society made me proud because my peers nominated me and the board of teachers interviewed me, and they decided I was the person to lead the organization. Being Scholar Athlete was rewarding because I saw my efforts on the volleyball court, the track field, the basketball court, and the lacrosse field help my teams reach new heights all while keeping my grades up. My hard work in middle and high school taught me great leadership skills, and this paid off where I was able to go to Baruch College on scholarship. My most recent achievement was graduating from NYU with my Masters degree, and having the opportunity to work at MS 131 where I student taught during the program! I am so excited to work with the 6th and 7th grade students and help them explore, create, and achieve throughout middle school and inspire them to continue that into their future!