Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration 2023 中国农历新年庆典活动

  • Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional holidays Chinese people celebrate. This year, our Dual Language Program students hosted the celebration event with various culturally relevant games to share skills and knowledge they have acquired to people with or without any knowledge of the culture. Games included, but are not limited to, Gobang, paper cutting, pining the nose, Minecraft—Lunar New Year, writing Chinese greetings and oracle bone scripts, coloring, sculpting, math chess, wishing tree, kicking shuttlecock and more. Students who participated in these activities earned reward points upon completion. With these points, they could enter a raffle and win prizes. From brainstorming and gathering materials, to creating materials and hosting the event, our Dual Language Program students worked to create the best experience for anyone participating in the activities.


  • 春节是中国人最重要的传统节日之一。今年,我们的双语项目学生举办了庆祝活动。通过各种与文化相关的游戏,将他们获得的技能和知识分享给对所有对中国文化有和没有了解的人。游戏包括但不限于:五子棋、剪纸、贴鼻子、电脑游戏、写新年祝福,写甲骨文、涂色、雕刻、数学棋、许愿树、踢毽子等等。参加这些活动的学生在完成后获得奖励积分。有了这些积分,他们可以参加抽奖活动,赢得奖品。从头脑风暴和收集材料,到制作材料和举办活动,我们双语项目的学生努力为参与活动的人创造最好的体验。