M.S.131 Chinese Dual Language Program is featured on ABC News! M.S.131中文双语项目登上ABC新闻专题!

MS 131 was featured on the national program, Good Morning America by ABC News!  New York City’s Deputy Chancellor of Teaching and Learning, Carolyne Quintana along with two of our teachers, Ms. Ren and Ms. Moulinos, discuss working with English Language Learners and the benefits of bilingualism.  M.S. 131 offers opportunities for all of our students to experience learning a  language.  In our Chinese Dual Language program, students learn Chinese for three years. All 7th graders in the general education program and Horizon Program take a world language class. Our staff members are equipped with numerous tools, various strategies and resources to further develop the language skills of native speakers, as well as those learning English and a new  language.  Our goal is for all of our students to thrive not just academically, but as world citizens and life-long learners.  

MS 131 上了全国性节目,Good Morning America by ABC News! ! 纽约市常务副校长Carolyne Quintana,以及我们的两位教师,任老师和 Moulinos老师,一起讨论了与英语语言学习者的教学工作以及双语教学的益处。 131 中学为所有学生提供了学习语言的机会。 在我们的中文双语项目中,学生将学习三年中文。普通教育项目和Horizon项目的所有七年级学生都要上一门世界语言课。我们的教职员工拥有大量教学工具、各种策略和资源,以进一步提高母语学生以及英语和新语言学习者的语言能力。 我们的目标是让所有学生不仅在学业上茁壮成长,而且成为世界公民和终身学习者。

Featured Digital Drawing: Designed by the current Dual Language Program 7th grader, Zi Jun Xie.