M.S.131 School Bonding Trips! 学年开始的各年级联谊旅行!

On Friday, all of MS 131 set out to experience New York, and get to know each other better on our first Community Day of the year.  The 6th graders took the ferry to Governor’s Island, played some team building games and enjoyed the great weather.  The 7th graders explored the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and picniced in Prospect Park, and the 8th grade made it all the way to the beach in Far Rockaway, getting to build some sand castles and play some touch football.  What a great way to start the year!

___Principal Ben Geballe, M.S. 131🚤🏖🪴

2022 年 9 月 16 日,6 年级全体前往曼哈顿附近的总督岛,7 年级全体前往布鲁克林植物园,8 年级全体前往皇后区的洛克威海滩。

  • 8th grade – Rockaway Beach in Queens 8 年级全体前往皇后区的洛克威海滩
  • 7th Grade – Brooklyn Botanic Garden 7 年级全体前往布鲁克林植物园
  • 6th Grade – Governor’s Island 6 年级全体前往曼哈顿附近的总督岛