As MS 131, students have the opportunity to explore, create and achieve in a variety of disciplines.  Middle school is a time of exploration, and it is critical that all students have the opportunity to both experience success, and also challenge.  Students must learn that everyone is good at something, but nobody is good at everything, and that the key to improving oneself is through hard work, perseverance and self reflection.

All students take the mandatory core classes including math, social studies, ELA, science and physical education.

In addition, students select one of three arts to specialize in during their time at 131, Visual Arts, Dance and Music.

We also have a well developed and responsive special education department that works hand in hand with families to strategize and implement effective supports for students.

Finally, technology is an integral part of what we do at 131.  All classes have computers, and teachers regularly make use of the technology as a tool to enhance learning.