Instrumental Music Mission:
The Music Program focuses on instrumental music. Beginning students explore the elements of music – rhythm, melody and harmony through the study of piano.  Students learn to read music and critical listening skills are developed through exposure to a variety of musical styles including classical, jazz, rock and world music. At the beginning of 7th grade, Music Majors choose a string instrument – violin, viola, cello or guitar to deepen their study of music give live performances in and out of school.
During the pandemic, music students also learned about digital music making with Soundtrap – an online music editing software. This will continue to be a part of the music program, in addition to focus on instrumental performance.

Curriculum Overview:

6th Grade:

Unit 1: Recorder

Unit 2: Piano

Majors of Music

7th Grade:

Violin, Viola, Cello or Guitar

8th Grade:

8th grade, students continue to learn more complex rhythm patterns and melodic combinations through a variety of music including classical, folk, and popular styles. Students practice a higher level of technique on their instruments in preparation for high school studies.

    The primary goal of the Music Program at M.S 131 is to teach students how to play musical instruments. Students explore the elements of music –rhythm, melody and harmony  through the study of instrumental pedagogy and technique.

    Critical listening skills are developed through exposure to a variety of musical styles and composers. Students also learn the societal value of music by identifying historical and cultural connections to music.
    Students learn to read and perform music individually and in ensemble settings, and learn to work cooperatively while respecting one another’s individual talents. Finally, young musicians’ work culminates in live concert performances and presentations.