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Getting on Stage

Ms. Starke’s music students, both as a way to increase student led discussion (our school wide goal) and get students used to the stage,…Read More

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6th Grade Hits Broadway!

The 6th grade attended a production of Beauty and the Beast at the New Victory Theater in Times Square.  After sessions in the preceding…Read More

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Halloween at 131!!!

So many great costumes, an incredible haunted house down in the dungeon, and a thrilling “Thriller” pop up dance at lunch.  Check out some…Read More

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131 Students Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

4 classes of sixth and seventh graders visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on this beautiful autumn day.  They checked out the different biomes, and…Read More

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National Writing Day

National Writing Day!!! To celebrate our love of writing, students at 131 came together to read each others’ published pieces of writing and give…Read More

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