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Respect for All Assembly!

A big shout to Ms. Rivera, Mr. Alex, and everyone who helped put on the Respect for All Performance last week.  Check out these…Read More

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Lady Dragons watch NYU Men’s Volleyball

Our amazing Girl’s Volleyball team, fresh off their win against the teacher in the student teacher game, visited NYU to watch a college volleyball…Read More

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131 Track Meet

Some or our fastest runner and highest jumpers attended a track meet at the Armory before break.  Thank Mr. Ruiz and Mr. Robinsons for…Read More

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7th Graders Visit University of Pennsylvania

Over winter break, a large group of 131 7th graders visited the University of Pennsylvania.  Despite some snow which shut down part of the…Read More

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Students prevail in student-teacher volleyball

The Girls Volleyball team has come a long way, and they showed it last night when they beat the teachers in back to back…Read More

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