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Students prevail in student-teacher volleyball

The Girls Volleyball team has come a long way, and they showed it last night when they beat the teachers in back to back…Read More

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Chinese New Year Celebration!!!

We celebrated the Chinese New Year with an incredible array of acts. There was singing, dancing, a calligraphy demonstration, Tai-Chi, and of course two…Read More

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Math Con 2019

Ms. He organized students to participate in Math Con 2019 – an online math competition.  A number of our students placed including Ethan, Sampson…Read More

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Girls Volleyball

Our new and super popular Girls Volleyball team was in action against a nearby high school.  A great learning experience for everyone!…Read More

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Hands on learning in science. . .

Some great learning taking place in an 8th grade science room.  Students were learning about asexual reproduction.  The observed yeast asexually reproducing under the…Read More

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