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2023 M.S.131 Arts Week!

From principal Mr.Geballe: MS 131 celebrated our students’ creativity during arts week.  The Dragon Dreamers bass club rocked the house with a some classic tunes, getting everyone cheering, and showing that our teachers and staff can really shred on the electric guitar.  Our musicians performed a variety of pieces, ranging from classical to contemporary on instruments as …

Digital Arts Presentation

The digital arts students, under the direction of Ms. Oh, completed their 2nd Trimester projects.  Lots of really interesting work, including many that directly or indirectly deal with how or students are feeling during this pandemic.  Some of Ms. Starke’s music students created the original music for it.

Holiday Music Concert

A big shout out to Ms. Starke and her 7th and 8th grade musicians for treating us all to some holiday music.  Getting so many students playing together is quite a feat, particularly given that most had never played their instrument prior to become a student at 131!

Getting on Stage

Ms. Starke’s music students, both as a way to increase student led discussion (our school wide goal) and get students used to the stage, have been rehearsing on stage and sitting in a circle while doing so.  Check out some of the pictures that show this!