Benjamin Geballe
Ben Geballe EXPLORE - When I was in middle school, I loved to explore everything about history and politics. I became so interested in the Civil War that I read tons of books (Battle Cry of Freedom is my favorite), watched many documentaries and even visited the Civil War Battlefield in Gettysburg. I also loved politics. In 7th grade, I dreamt of becoming President. Now that I am older, I still love to explore, but mostly with my 4 boys. We love going to different parts of New York, listening to new kinds of music and eating at new restaurants. CREATE - I loved to build when I was a child. I would make lego buildings, spaceships and cars. My two brothers and I would go into the woods near our house and build tree forts. We created all sorts of stories to go along with our buildings. I still love to create with my own children, but now we create music and delicious food. But I still do build a lot of legos with them! ACHIEVE - In middle school I was most proud of my achievement on the baseball field. I was a good pitcher, and made it onto various select teams which was something I worked very hard to do. Academically, my best subject was math, which is a bit ironic, because I became a social studies teacher. My proudest achievement as a teacher was the one day when I was out sick, and somehow no substitute showed up to cover my class one period. The students did the work anyway, even without an adult. I hope that I can help the students and teachers at MS 131 explore, create and achieve each and every day.