Diana Totolos
7th Grade
Special Education - 7th Grade
EXPLORE: I love traveling. Exploring places, cultures, and nature. I have always been interested in travel since I was a young child, going to Mexico, Maine and Colorado were my favorites. When I was 14 I lived in France for the year as an exchange student. When I was in college, I went back for another year. To me, traveling grows us. CREATE: I am always creating, in the classroom, in my art studio, at home with my three kids. Creating stories, creating art, creating a mess, and creating memories. One of my proudest achievements is that I could speak 3 languages fluently by the time I was in high school, English, French, and Polish. They are like little secrets that turn me into a spy when I walk around NYC. ACHIEVE: Another major achievement is earning two Masters from NYU, first in Special Education, then realizing that wasn’t enough to really help the students, I went back for a Literacy Specialist degree. My other achievements are my three children, Ares 9, Atlas 6, and Artemis 3. They have taught me more about trying and failing and picking up the pieces and the true definition of perseverance.