Careen Halton
6th and 7th Grade
Special Education
EXPLORE - When I was in middle school my favorite class was Spanish. My teacher, Mr. Mingorance, made learning a second language so exciting. My passion for foreign language and world cultures grew in high school and in college I decided to major in Spanish and Latin American Studies. During my senior year I studied abroad in Argentina. This was my first experience traveling abroad and it started a life long passion for world travel. As an adult, I love exploring the world with my husband. We spend part of each summer visiting a new country together. We have now visited over 30 countries! CREATE - As long as I can remember I have loved cooking. As a young girl and teenager I spent many hours in the kitchen cooking amazing meals with my Italian great grandmothers, grandmother, and my Mom. Their passion for cooking was contagious and the kitchen is now my favorite place to create. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than preparing a delicious meal and sharing it with my family, friends or students! ACHIEVE -I knew that I wanted to be a teacher way back in 7th grade. I actually wrote about it in my middle school yearbook. Now I am starting my 20th year as an ESL teacher at MS 131. Working with the students and staff at MS 131 has been an honor as well as one of my greatest life achievements.