Kristen Capadona
7th Grade
Special Education
EXPLORE - I feel like I was born to be a forever student and teacher. I have always explored education and when I was younger, I never liked missing a day of school. I was so worried I was going to miss something new and exciting! As a middle school student, I explored everything - in and outside of school. I explored all the creative projects assigned by my teachers, every sport that was offered, took up playing the viola, and explored my hometown with my friends. My life journey began in NJ. I moved to NY after college, and returned back to my hometown in NJ a few years ago. I now explore there with my 2 young boys - on weekends we explore museums, festivals, playgrounds, places to hike, and so much more. CREATE - I loved working on creative projects in small groups when I was younger. My classmates and I especially enjoyed making videos - whether it be broadcasting as reporters or creating our own dance video - I loved to act and sing! Through working together, I learned that collaborating with others can be so much fun and productive when everyone has a chance to share their own ideas. Nowadays I enjoy creating with my sons. We use legos, blocks, sticks - you name it - to build words, sentences, and math problems. ACHIEVE - In middle school I am proud that I seemed to be involved in a little bit of everything. I was a hardworking student, played on my school soccer, basketball and cheerleading team, and was President of my 8th grade class. I am proud that I made friendships that have lasted to this day. In my professional life, I am proud that I extended my education past my Masters Degree to attain a degree in Administration.