Joseph Dado
8th Grade
English Language Arts
EXPLORE - The meaning of exploration to me is more than just physical exploration or taking in a new setting. To me, exploration is the freedom to embrace new challenges and new ideas in any capacity. I believe that most exploring should take place inside a classroom because that is what learning is intended for. When a person becomes truly fixated on his/her subject of learning; that inquiry and desire to learn more will lead to exploring in its most authentic form. CREATE - I believe that one of the most satisfying components of humanity is our ability to create. Whether it is a piece of writing, the answer to a question, or the solution to a math problem, the product of our work is what we create in the classroom. In almost any situation, a student can be given the content or knowledge that we desire for them to know but only until they work to create something of their own will they truly learn. Anytime you have a discussion with a child you may have created an opportunity for them. ACHIEVE - It can be difficult to remind ourselves that achievements come in many different forms. An achievement doesn't always have to end with a ceremony or award. For some, an achievement can be as small as learning a new word without being any less significant. As a teacher, I find it important to encourage my students and myself to recognize “smaller” achievements more often.