Pui He
7th and 8th Grade
Math and Coding
EXPLORE - I love to explore different places. When I was in middle school, I rode my bike to visit villages around my hometown. As I am getting older, I travel farther away from home. One of my goals in life is to see all the world wonders such as the Great Wall in China, Maya Pyramid in Mexico, Stonehenge in England etc. CREATE - I loved to create different sculptures using a special type of soil or liquid wax when I was younger. I made buildings, animals using the soil. I remember dipping my hands into the liquid wax to make wax flowers. The final product was beautiful! Now, I like to try different ways to cook stuff. Sometimes, I cooked delicious dishes, sometimes I failed. I enjoy the process of creating new things regardless what the result is because I feel successful to create something new and gain experience of how to do better the next time. ACHIEVE - My proudest achievement in middle school was that I made a road trip around different villages in three days. The biggest moment for me during my teaching career was one of my students received a 90 in his test and he was so happy to tell everyone that he did it! I feel happy when my students walk in and out my class with a cheerful and eager to learn attitude and I will work hard to make my classes like that for students.