Kenny Zhao
6, 7, 8
Special Education and Math
EXPLORE - When I was in middle school I enjoyed History. My 8th grade History teacher was a good teacher who made things interesting for me. I remember just listening to her stories about the American Revolution. I loved History so much that during my 8th year in middle school, I begged my parents to buy the Britannica CD set from Costco. I was also very much into Web design. CREATE - As a child, I loved to disassemble electronics. However when it came to putting back the parts, I would have extra pieces lying around. I would have to disassemble the product again and rebuild it. I loved building legos and Web sites as I grew older into high school. ACHIEVE - In middle school I was in the Honor Society for excellent academics. I received many awards and got accepted to all of my high school choices. At first I regretted going to the high school I selected, but in the end I found the love of my life in high school. Even the wrong choice at the time eventually led to the right path- no regrets.