Anita Lee
6th Grade
Special Education
EXPLORE - Middle School was the worst time in my life but probably the best time of self discovery. I remember spending my lunch time practicing for cheerleading tryout. It’s quite embarrassing to remember how uncoordinated I was. Cheerleading was not me and I never showed up for cheerleading tryouts. It just wasn’t me but there were plenty of other things that I was good at. I would escape into my own world with a paper and a pencil and I would light up when my teacher presented me with a math problem I couldn’t solve. CREATE - I have always wanted to become a teacher. I would create my very own classroom at home and force my younger sister to sit through my math lessons. She absolutely hated it. As an adult, she reluctantly admitted that it helped her get ahead in class. Teaching is where I belong. I love creating fun engaging lessons for my students and for my own children. I have converted our playroom into a classroom covered with anchor charts and a word wall. One day they will grow to appreciate it. ACHIEVE - My greatest achievements can be found in small victories in my classroom. Every AHA moment makes me proud. In 2012, I was voted Teacher of the Year by my colleagues. In 2013, I received an “Award for Empowering, Inspiring and Elevating The Surfside School” that acknowledged my help in rebuilding the school after Superstorm Sandy.