Errol Lee
8th Grade
English Language Arts
EXPLORE - When I was in middle school, I explored ways to express myself through poetry and music. I listened to and read lyrics of my favorite songs and would try to find out song meanings as well as how the artist crafted the lyrics and music. This started my journey into seeking meaning in art, music, as well as life. I was involved in many sports such as Basketball, Soccer, and Baseball. CREATE - In addition to writing music, I loved tinkering with and modifying my guitars. I changed out parts of the guitar like the bridge and pickups to make it feel and sound better. I also got into building my own desktop computers and upgrading parts. I learned that everything can be improved and it is rewarding when completing hands-on improvements myself. ACHIEVE - My proudest achievements from middle school were learning new instruments. When I was in middle school, I learned to play clarinet in the school band, I took piano lessons, and I started learning the guitar. Some achievements from college and graduate school were studying abroad in London and Oxford- learning in a new environment and learning about other cultures. I also traveled to Scotland and Spain before and after the study abroad program. As a teacher, I felt accomplished when students wrote me letters and cards of thanks saying they missed being in my class.