M.S. 131’s Dance Program has a long history and legacy of providing access and equity to children of diverse cultures, needs, and abilities. Students are exposed to a rigorous three-year dance program where they learn technique (ballet, modern, jazz, musical theater, hip-hop, contemporary, and cultural dance), choreography, performance, literacy, and leadership skills. All content is aligned to criteria for the arts and the school-wide instructional goal(s) to support student growth and achievement, and their development as well-rounded young ladies and gentlemen prepared to take part in the world as artists, critical thinkers, and civic leaders, understanding of societal, cultural, and historical context of dance. 
Dance Curriculum Overview:                    
6th Grade Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Choreography, Performance
7th Grade Dance: Ballet, Classical Modern-Graham, Choreography, Performance
8th Grade Dance: Contemporary Dance, Hip-Hop, Choreography, Performance