8th Grade Poetry Slam!!

Friday, our 8th Graders recited poetry in front of the 7th and 8th graders!  Poems ranged from the personal to the whimsical.  A big shout out to the students who volunteered to share their thoughts for all of us.  A shout out to the audience who was so supportive of those who were on stage.   We are so excited to see more amazing work from our 8th grade writers!

Here is one poem by a student in 805.


Never Forget


If you’ll decide to just follow me,

If you’ll jump right in, follow me,

We’ll be under the golden othamus tree.

If you see the red roof, you’ll see the grass,



Then we’ll be there at my loving house.

Did you hear that rain pouring down?

Follow that lovely sound, up and down,

Search with your ear and your ear alone.



A dark streak of hair lays across her face,

Her hands are wet with glistening rain.

My mother had grace in her dress of lace

Can you smell that sweet thick smoke?



Smell the smoke that affects mom’s nose,

We’ll be tracing the smoke towards a door.

A big man’s buried by cream white smoke’

My father sat with a guitar and a fat cigar.



For about a minute there wasn’t a sound,

Then you heard a laugh that came back around.

We have settled the mystery

we traced the sound,

That leads to a white room,

white bed, white closet.



There’s us when we were both young,

Lips parted with the attempt at a laugh.

For many years we were kept in half,

Four years next september…

The tea, the cups, the cakes,the trays,

Had set us back to when I was still here.



I got to my feet and went for the door,

But my dear friend Edmen,

You’ll stay on the floor behind that door.

I will visit you in my memory, I swore!


I broke out.

closed the door.

and went back to a world of reality,

Right behind our 9 year old door.