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Digital Arts is Off and Running

Our new digital arts lab is up and running, and the students are already creating incredible artwork!  With brand new i-macs loaded with professional software (adobe suite), our students will graduate 8th grade knowing the industry standard software and techniques.  Also, our new 3-d printers are up and running for some of the industrial design …

MS 131 Arts Experience

Enjoy a sample of what our students created in their arts classes this year.  A big Shout Out to Ms. Starke, Ms. Oh and Mr. Phillips for working with students remotely to create such impressive art!

Summer Rising!!! Sign up now!

Summer Rising is now accepting applications.  This new program, which is a collaboration between MS 131 and the YMCA, will provide an enriching experience for students, starting on June 6th and continuing until August 13.  In the morning, students will work with MS 131 teachers to get better prepared academically for September, and then the …

Year of the Ox

To celebrate the Year of the Ox, we have updated the mural on the Eldridge Street side of our building.  Check out this great article in TimeOutNY about the artist. t who did the painting.

8th Grade Voices

Good News! Our 8th graders started the year building community and getting to know each other.  Check out some excerpts from “Where I am from. . .” poems that they wrote.  It gives a great sense of our community!   Click on the images to see the full sized versions!    

Welcome Back!!

Good News!!! School is back in session.  Although we are still remote until October 1st, we are running our normal schedule and students are once again learning after a long summer away.  As I have been hopping in and out of Zoom classes with students, I have heard students engaged, asking questions, sharing their work …